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Books & Recommended Readings

Seattle Integrative Therapy Handouts
All of the following are available for download at the bottom of this page:

Brain Gym Handout

Essential Oils for Emotional Release

Emotional Freedom Technique Handout

Nutritional Supplements for Immune Support, Energy and More


The following are recommended books on health, healing and the science behind energetically-based, complementary modalities:

The Body Electric, Robert Becker

Infinite Mind, Valerie Hunt

Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton
The Honeymoon Effect, Bruce Lipton
Women's Body's Women's Wisdom, Christiane Northrup
Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner

Earthing, Clinton Ober

For Kids

Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs (Emotional Freedom Technique explanation story)

The Wizard's Wish (EFT explanation/teaching story)

Websites & Articles

University of Arizona, Center for Consciousness Studies 

A global, dedicated, inter-disciplinary team of researchers and professionals studying the nature of consciousness.

Brain shows improvements on fMRI scans after exposure to EFT Tapping

Brain scans of Individual with generalized anxiety disorder shows visible improvements after four weeks of Emotional Freedom Technique.

Official site of the world renown epigeneticist, researcher, author and speaker. 

Harvard Program in Placebo Studies and Therapeutic Environment
A dedicated research department on the nature of placebo effects. The scientific community is acknowledging that, for many individuals, belief in an intervention and/or provider is an essential component of the healing process.  One's beliefs can shape one's ability to heal! 

Kelly Brogan, MD

Loads of great  information on coping with stress & mental illness using natural strategies, as well as nutrition  and gut healing ideas and more. Check out her YouTube videos too.

Article on how water molecules can  become "imprinted" or change structure by exposure to minute amounts of living matter (such as viruses or bacteria). The basis for homeopathy and other healing modalities.  Includes input from Nobel Laureate and French Virologist Jean-Luc Montagnier.

Neurolink Global:
The global headquarters for Neurological Integration research and training. Providing more information on this exciting system of healing!

One of many great sites on the web about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. Helpful information on how and why to tap, testimonials, videos and more. offer information on all things EFT.  


Harvard professor Jill Bolte Taylor, describes her experience of having a stroke and gains insight on the inner workings of the human brain and spirit.

Leigh's dramatic NIS before/after NIS experience   How a young woman used NIS to recover from a mysterious and debilitating neurological condition.

Amy Cuddy TED Talk:
How your body language shapes who you are.

Vulnerability and Connection:
Brene Brown, PhD, discusses the power of vulnerability with humor and lightheartedness.

Other Providers

A list of recommended holistic healthcare providers in the Seattle area is available to clients upon request.