Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational therapy?


Through activity or “occupations” we become whole and experience a more meaningful life!  

Occupational therapy, also known as OT, is a versatile healthcare field working to enhance each individual’s active engagement, participation, performance, and function in meaningful life activities or “occupations”.  

One of the core tenants of occupational therapy is that all living beings need to engage in meaningful life activities in order to be in optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.   At the most fundamental level, we humans need to feel capable, productive, and in control of our most basic self-care needs. On a broader level, each of us are driven to contribute to the world around us in our own unique way. When health setbacks occur, they disrupt our ability to participate in important life activities, causing further reductions in physical and emotional well-being and overall health.

Through activity or “occupations” we become whole and experience a more meaningful life.  Think about the disruptions which might occur to someone after a major illness, sports injury, depressive episode, car accident, or stroke. Think about a young child who is not reaching the same milestones her peers are achieving. Think about how pain, fatigue, weakness and loss of strength can all lead to loss of function, productivity, income, and confidence.

From basic activities of daily living to the most complex, occupational therapists can help individuals reach their specific health goals.    Occupational therapists work with individuals in a wide range of settings and across the lifespan, from birth to old age. They are found in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), schools, hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitaton centers, vocational training and rehab centers, mental health settings, old age home, skilled nursing facilities and even as workplace ergonomics experts.

Some occupational therapist work in private practice providing therapeutic bodywork and other complementary healing arts as part of their practice. That's where Seattle Integrative Therapies fits in!    

Are complementary modalities such as “energy work” considered within the scope of OT?


Absolutely!  Considering occupational therapy’s whole-body, “holistic” approach to care, it is not surprising that complementary and alternative health modalities are indeed considered within the scope of our practice, as long as the provider is qualified to provide those services and is using them within the context of occupational therapy.  

According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA),    
The occupational therapy profession’s philosophical background and client-centered approach to practice supports the use of complementary health approaches and integrative health (CHAIH) practices [and that] …numerous CHAIH products and practices may be used responsibly by competent occupational therapy practitioners (AOTA 2016).  

The American Association of Occupational Therapy (AOTA) came out with an official statement in 2016 regarding this topic. More information on this can be found at 

Shari's practice seamlessly blends conventional occupational therapy with holistic healing techniques.

"I use my background as an occupational therapist and my varied skill-set to help my clients overcome a wide variety of health-related barriers and challenges.

 My goal is to help each client more fully participate in meaningful life activities. The therapies I offer open doors by creating space for the body to heal itself. Once the body recognizes the need for repairs, it gradually shifts and rebalances towards homeostasis.    

As part of my occupational therapy sessions, I have clients recognize specific health and personal life goals and, together, we work to achieve these.  Using the principles of occupational therapy, we break down goals and tasks into small pieces. Little by little, we work to achieve larger goals by accomplishing the smaller parts. 

By analyzing and recognizing these goals, whether physical, spiritual, professional, or personal, we set an intention to bring them to fruition."


Seattle Integrative Therapies can be a part of your healing journey. Schedule an appointment today and see where it takes you!


What is Neurolink or Neurological Integration System (NIS) ?


Profoundly Effective. Minimally Invasive. Hands-On Healing.

 Neurological Integration System (NIS or Neurolink for short) is a comprehensive, healthcare system that transcends modern medicine, relying on your body's natural ability to heal itself! Combining cutting-edge research in neuroscience, neurophysiology, osteopathy and quantum physics, with ancient Chinese medical principles, NIS, is a highly sophisticated, yet extremely gentle, form of healing that unlocks your body’s own healing potential.  It works by subtly correcting energetic breakdowns in the body’s communication system.  

NIS helps the body to recognize the root cause of a health setback and to heal itself.  

Here's how Dr. Allan K. Phillips, Developer of the NIS, describes his system of healing:

"Linking the brain to become congruent with neurological, physiological, emotional, and pathological patterns that will collectively restore homeostasis."
- Allan K. Phillips, D.O.,
NIS Researcher/Founder, Auckland, NZ

NIS applies the neurophysiology principle that all body systems are controlled by the central nervous system (the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord).  In the healthy individual, the brain controls every aspect of the person’s body and communicates constantly with every cell. Disruptions in health occur when there is a communication breakdown somewhere within this intricate system.  A disruption in communication can be caused by a pathogen, injury, or even an emotional blockage manifesting as a health condition. NIS works by finding and correcting these disruptions in communication, thus helping the body to heal itself and optimizing overall health. 

What is a session like?  Over clothing, the provider gently stimulates specific pressure points on the head and body. S/he tests for a strong sensory-motor loop in specific body systems using "applied kinesiology" a form of testing relative muscle strength. When weakness is identified, the provider works as an electrician of sorts, subtly rewiring the body's circuitry. Broken down lines of communication are reset or given new pathways, so that the body's physiology can now function optimally and healing can occur.

When the body is in a state of optimal function, it can better fight off infections and gradually heal itself of long-term conditions.

Around the world, healthcare providers are offering this innovative therapy, and clients are flocking because the results can be life changing! Neurolink is ONLY available from qualified medical providers.  This includes conventional physicians (allopathic doctors), naturopaths, chiropractors, and other medical providers such as nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

NIS providers have received rigorous additional training in this modality.

I am passionate about this system of care because I have found the results to be quite remarkable and often address issues where conventional medicine falls short.
I opened my practice
specifically, because I  want MORE individuals to have access to this powerfully effective form of healing!

 ~ Shari Schwartz, Owner & Founder of Seattle Integrative Therapy

Who can benefit from Neurolink?


Neurolink is for everyone!

Anyone, of any age can benefit from a Neurological Integration System (Neurolink) session, including kids and adults!

Neurolink is for: 

  • Clients with a wide range of health concerns and complaints, including pain, allergies, fertility concerns, poor immune system, thyroid problems, headaches, and much, much more! 
  •  Overall healthy individuals who want to maintain and optimize their health! 
  • Seamlessly compliments and supports other types of healthcare and treatment modalities.

How can Neurolink help you?


NIS can help you

  • gain more energy and have greater vitality.
  • improve your immune system.
  • reduce your number of illnesses and colds.
  •  reduce the duration and severity of illnesses when you do get sick.
  • reduce or eliminate sensitivities and allergies. 
  • support the body’s detox pathways and detoxification process to help rid the body of heavy metals and other toxic substances. 
  • achieve and maintain optimal health!  

    For additional information, visit the Neurolink Global website:    

    To see a video of a NIS SESSION,
    click here.

Do you see kids in your practice?


Yes!  I love kiddos and welcome working with them.

I have three kids of my own.  I also have a background in pediatric occupational therapy and have worked in the school setting in the past.

 I can advise parents on sensory or behavioral interventions that might help with their children, and the energy work can be particularly helpful in boosting immune function in kids and for other common complaints.

We require that all minors be accompanied by an adult, and that a legal guardian provide written and/or verbal consent to work with the child.

Old Science Becomes New


What is all this “Energy Healing” stuff and how does it work?

  Do terms like “energetic healing” and "energy work" conjur up images of magicians, sorcerers or tarot card readers with crystal balls at the county fair? Do words like “hokie”, “alternative”, and “woo-woo” come to mind? Maybe it just sounds too unscientific to be taken seriously? If this is the case, you're not alone. 

You should know, however, that in many cases, there are SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED, well-documented principles at play here, with sound bases in neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, and physiology. 

 It's difficult to take a healing technique seriously when it seems based on a subjective and “invisible” form of treatment and one that is somewhat difficult to study objectively. Certainly there are some very legitimate limitations to all forms of “energetic healing”, the most obvious one being: are the effects even measurable or real? Based on current research, the answers are YES and YES! The more thoroughly these phenomena are studied, the more modern scientists are discovering the power of intention and the mind-body connection.

This is a new era in healthcare! In recent years, our measuring tools for these "complementary" modalities have become more sophisticated, and the body of scientific research to support many once-maligned "fringe" or "alternative" therapies has increased. This continues to lend credibility to the complementary healing arts in its many forms.  Savvy consumers are picking up on this: they are looking for healthcare that is effective, less costly, prevents declines in health, and resolves their concerns for good!  Complementary modalities can offer all of these benefits and are often less invasive, less costly, and just as effective, or more so, than many conventional therapies.*

     The art of adjusting the body’s energy or life force to positively influence health and healing has been used effectively in one form or another for millennia.  The 2,000+ year-old system of Chinese acupuncture, which has increasing popularity and acceptance in the Western world, is one such example. The Ayurvedic teachings from India and indigenous healing arts of many other cultures also rely heavily on the body’s energetic constitution. Many modern forms of hands-on-healing or intentional healing, such as Reiki, Neurolink, Bodytalk, Emotional Freedom Technique and others have the underlying premise that when specific points of the body are stimulated in intentional ways by a trained practitioner, or the individual, sometimes combined with the use of specific thoughts or intentions, the body’s subtle energies can realign and healing can occur.

We are electrical beings. Every movement, every thought, every chemical reaction, every nerve impulse within the body is a form of electrical, energetic transfer.

So let us look closely at the phenomena of living energetics. Energy is all around us. Every living being and thing has a resonance which can be physically measured and studied. Every tangible thing on this earth, from living to non-living, is made up of protons, electrons, neutrons and other atomic particles, each with their own unique, energetic imprint. These entities interact in an intricate dance. When we hear the hum of electrical wires overhead, get a zap from static electricity on a fuzzy sweater, or feel the pulse of a vibrating loudspeaker, we get a tangible taste of energetic vibrations all around us in the form of electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, and sound waves.  

As living beings, our measurable, resonant frequencies vary, depending on our state of health, energy level, emotional wellbeing, and even on proximity to certain objects, such as other living beings, electronic devices, or naturally flowing bodies of water. When our bodies are in direct contact with the earth, our resonance is aligned with that of the earth (a giant magnet) and we are in a state which is more conducive to health and healing (see Earthing by Clinton Ober and Stephen Sinatra and The Body Electric by Robert Becker for more information on this phenomenon). These world renown scientists and many others have contributed to the new wealth of knowledge coming from the field of quantum physics. Our understanding that as living beings we are energetic beings must be taken into account when it comes to wellness, health and healing. To ignor this fundamental component of our existence is to ignore a very basic element of and contributor to wellbeing.  

Dr Bruce Lipton, former Stanford microbiologist, world renown author and epigenetics researcher, described this so eloquently when writing:

     Everything we thought was physical  is not physical...Instead, everything in the Universe is made of immaterial energy and everything radiates energy. It is a given fact of science that every atom and every molecule both radiates and absorbs light (energy). Because all organisms are made of atoms and molecules, you and I and every living thing are radiating energy. True that we look as if we are physical, but it is an illusion, a trick of the light. We are all energy!  Once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally energetic beings, inextricably connected to the vast, dynamic energetic field we are part of, we can no longer view ourselves as powerless, isolated individuals, who happen to have won the Darwinian evolutionary lottery. Just as mystics throughout time have told us, everything in the Universe is connected (Lipton, pp17-21, 2013).  

    Forms of healing that address living energetics, acknowledge the indisputable fact that much of our body's physiology and function is determined and modulated by energetic transfer. From the beating of one's heart to nerve impulses within the brain, muscles, and throughout the  body, to the measurable energy fields emanating from all living beings, even at a distance from our "physical" selves, our bodies are complex electrical systems.

Mind-Body Connections: Intentional thought and touch can directly influence our health and healing.

   Tied to the energetic healing paradigm, is the shift in recent years to a focus on mind-body medicine. Today's research suggests that the health of the physical body is intimately tied to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the individual.  Our thoughts, our beliefs, our behaviors, and choices can directly influence our health and quality of life for the better or worse. We have more control over our health than we sometimes wish to admit! 

   It has been well-documented and researched that intentional thought and touch can have a great impact on molecular behavior and structure, and thus, can aid directly in healing.    
This consciousness and intentionality can effect an energy field of a living being nearby or from a distance or even simply the molecular elements that make up living beings, specifically water.  Noteworthy examples of research in this area are famous studies on behavior of water droplets when charged by emotion by Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto, Dr Valerie Hunt’s work on energetic healing, Dr Bruce Lipton’s research on how belief and intention directly influence cellular function, and French Nobel laureate and virologist, Luc Montagnier's studies on energetically "imprinted" water.


  • Researchers have repeatedly found that the power of belief has dramatic effects on the body’s ability to heal.
  • Limiting beliefs about our abilities and/or health can impair our body's ability to heal or our ability to achieve our goals. 
  • Conversely, when we love ourselves, are open to being "well", and approach ourselves and others with patience and kindness, we allow a myriad of possible positive outcomes to occur, including great potential for healing! 

   It is often the belief in an intervention that triggers a shift and allows improvements in health and wellbeing to occur. In fact, Harvard University now has a dedicated research department to the study of placebo effects in medicine (the Program in Placebo Studies and Therapeutic Environment/PiPS). The concept of “Placebo” is often mistakenly equated with a treatment without merit or substance, but it should actually be thought of as having a strong belief in the healing potential of a treatment or therapy—even if the “treatment” is usually considered an inert or useless substance. If one believes a treatment is helping, it frequently and remarkably does!   The full basis for this paradigm, and how this works, can be attributed to the body’s innate intelligence, consciousness, psychological theory, modern neuroscience, and quantum physics, and is beyond the scope of this short essay.  If this topic piques your curiosity, there is much written on this subject, including some of the suggestions on our "Resources" page.

I am continually awed at the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself.

What I can say, without hesitation, is that I have been amazed, time and again, to witness the body’s innate ability to heal itself from nearly any ailment, when the right intention is put in place.

I have seen clients who, after receiving energetic healing therapies, from skilled providers, have experienced significant, "spontaneous healing" over time. “Hands on Healing” and “Intentional Healing”, as I now call these many forms, are not cure-alls for every ailment, and I cannot make guarantees for any specific outcomes from my therapy sessions,  but having a clear understanding of the merits of these types of complementary healing arts, however unusual or obscure some of them might seem to the initial observer (or client!), makes me hopeful that I can and will make a difference.  

My clients can heal their own bodies, if only given the awareness to begin the process. I don't heal them directly. Their bodies, in their infinite wisdom and capacity, heal themselves at the perfect pace--sometimes they just need a little push in the right direction.

Clients can heal their own bodies, if only given the awareness to begin the process.

(*Please read our disclaimer: There are many ways to heal the body. The trick is finding the path that works for each individual and alerts the body to heal itself. Seattle Integrative Therapy is not a substitute for care from a medical doctor.)

Citations, videos, and helpful reading can be found on our Resources Page.(*Please read our


Please read our full DISCLAIMER here. While Seattle Integrative Therapies, LLC can be very helpful in addressing a myriad of concerns, we make no guarantees of specific, individual outcomes nor do we diagnose or attempt to cure any specific disease or condition.

Always consult a qualified physician to address medical concerns.