About Shari


Welcome! I'm Shari Schwartz, Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist and Holistic Healthcare Provider.

I see health as an ongoing journey.

It takes maintenance, patience, forgiveness, and oftentimes hard work, but the payment is greatly enhanced quality of life. Everything is easier, when one’s mind, body, and spirit are in a good place!   

But how do we get there? I see what I have to offer as a really important piece of the “health puzzle”. Seattle Integrative Therapy, including the Neurolink system (NIS), can work effectively as stand-alone therapies for a multitude of health and wellness concerns, but also compliment all other treatment/healing modalities beautifully.  If you're seeing a conventional physician, chiropractor or other specialist to treat a condition, Seattle Integrative Therapy will help support your health goals and could help you reach them faster.

I am passionate about healing, holistic healthcare, and most of all, making a positive impact on the lives of others. I believe what I offer is intensely healing, profoundly effective work.  

The Neurological Integration System, specifically, has had such profound positive impacts on my health, I feel that it's my life's purpose to bring this gift to humanity to as many people as I can. It's truly, truly amazing work! It has worked for me. It continues to work for me, and it can work for you!   

Call now or schedule online to experience it for yourself.

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

In Health & Healing,
Shari Schwartz, MS, OTR/L
Owner, Seattle Integrative Therapy


My Philosophy

My real passion lies with holistic healthcare, as that's where I see the greatest opportunity for impact, with the least invasive interventions.

As an occupational therapist, massage therapist, and provider of complementary healthcare, I am committed to a holistic (i.e. whole Being) approach to health and healing.

I combine my varied skill set to help my clients overcome a wide variety of health-related barriers and challenges.

My goal is to help each client more fully participate in activities that are important to that individual. The therapies I offer open doors for this to happen. By creating space for the body to heal itself, the body recognizes the need for repairs or positive changes, and gradually shifts towards this balance.    

As part of my sessions, I have clients recognize specific health and personal life goals and we work together to achieve these.  Using the principals of occupational therapy, we break down goals and tasks into small pieces. Little by little, we work to achieve larger goals by accomplishing the smaller parts. By analyzing and recognizing these goals, whether physical, spiritual, professional or personal, we set an intention to bring them to fruition.

Each consumer deserves an approach as unique and individualized as they are!  I attempt to customize my sessions, to fit the unique needs of the individual.

I invite you to make Seattle Integrative Therapy a part of your healing journey. 

Schedule your first appointment today and see where it takes you!

Health is like an onion, it has layers.

My Story

    All of the therapies I offer are those which helped improve my own health and wellness in profound ways.

I personally, had a number of profound experiences with complementary therapies and treatments, when conventional, Western, or “allopathic” medicine was too limited or too invasive to address my needs fully.  

 The daughter of a physician and research scientist, I grew up in a family that values empirical study and scientific scrutiny, but also one that is extremely open to the myriad of ways to heal the body, mind, and spirit. While I grew up mostly a consumer of onventional medicine, I was exposed to complementary healthcare such as chiropractic, crainio-sacral therapy, mind-body techniques, and herbal medicine from a relatively young age. 

In my early twenties, admist the stress of a rigorous university program and busy college life, I found myself quite sick. My immune system was strained and I suffered from frequent throat infections, a bout of mononucleosis, and overall poor immune function. Through an unusual series of events, I encountered a chiropractor/osteopath in Australia who introduced me to the Neurolink System (Neurological Integration System) and other forms of complementary healing. Her approach seemed a bit unconventional, but I noticed each time I visited this provider's office, I felt better and better.  Back in the States a few months later, I discovered, much to my amazement, that all of my long-term health issues had resolved!  

My body had fully healed from an underactive thyroid, asthma, chronic migraines, allergies, mysterious gut problems, gallbladder disease and more.  This discovery was mind-blowing and my perspective on healthcare and healing was forever changed!

I'd witnessed first-hand the body's innate ability to heal itself and knew then it was a fallacy that many health conditions must be chronic and life-long. Many conditions long-considered chronic, incurable, and life-long by conventional medicine can eventually be overcome with the right therapies.

Several years later, I blended complementary healing arts and simple lifestyle changes to completely resolve my long-term fertility issues (PCOS) naturally, without invasive procedures or medications. While numerous conventional physicians had told me I may never have children without invasive procedures, I was actually able to resolve my infertility issues completely.  This gave me an all new perspective on health and healing, as I learned first hand of the body's innate ability to heal itself when approached with patience and the right guidance.

From these formative years, I gained a perspective in which I embrace the value in every healing modality, and accept that what works for one individual, may not work for another, even if both present with the same symptoms. 

I see my practice as one that combines my varying backgrounds in psychology, occupational therapy, bodywork, and the healing arts. 

When I'm not in my OT clinic, I can be found out-and-about with my family, exercising my inner child on the dance floor, facilitating support groups for new parents, and traveling the world in search of new people, insights, and experiences.



Washington University in St Louis, Arts Bachelor in Psychology; Speech and Hearing Sciences & Linguistics Focus (2004)

Brenneke School of Massage, Advanced training in therapeutic bodywork and massage (2005)

University of Washington, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (2008)

Certified Lactation Support Specialist (2016)

Neurolink/Neurological Integration System (2017, Modules A/B)

Emotional Freedom Technique, Level 1 (2017)

Member of the American Holistic Health Association

My Perspective on Healing

I see hands-on healing arts, specifically those involving intentionality and energetic realignment, as the way of the future, where one can obtain the most dramatic results, from the least invasive interventions.        

The most powerful healing can occur when the body is given SPACE to heal itself rather than masking symptoms.

That's why holistic healing arts and the many forms of energy work can be so powerfully healing. They unravel the layers that need addressing, in the right order, allowing the body to gradually heal itself in its own timeline : sometimes shifts occur immediately or overnight, sometimes over weeks, months or even years,  depending on the depths of the scars/ailments.     

Health is like an onion: it has layers.

   In our therapies, we peel away at the biggest priority items, making gradual shifts and improvements, which have ripple effects in other systems and across the entire wellbeing of a client: maybe a physical improvement, like a reduction in headaches or a stronger immune system, perhaps an improvement in mood or self esteem, or a new insight.   

Only by addressing these first layers on the surface,
can one heal more DEEPLY and create LASTING CHANGE for the better.


Individual results may vary. Seattle Integrative Therapies, LLC makes no guarantees for individual specific outcomes, health improvements, or otherwise.  We do not diagnose any particular ailment nor are our services a substitute for a physician's care.  It is advised that you consult your primary care physician or other physician for specific medical concerns you may have.

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